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How to stop pending payments


How to stop pending payments

PayPal is the mot difficult company to contact in an emergency (urgent to me)!

Yesterday I ordered 3 items (Total $43) from ASOS and when I went to the PayPal checkout it came up with a "Technical error" message.

I then removed the items from the check out and returned them to "Saved items". I then tried again and added a 4th item (new total $49). Same thing happened.  I returned the items back to "Saved again!!!   Waited a while and tried again ------  same thing!!! I returned the items back to "Saved"!!

I checked my bank account to find 3 pending payments to PayPal of $43 and $49 x 2!!!!!

I have contacted ASOS and the last email I received today suggested I wait 48 hours for PayPal to return the funds to my account. They have confirmed

that there was a technical problem with the site.

I am not waiting 30 days or anymore than 24 hours to get my money returned.

I am an aged pensioner and cannot afford to not have those funds in my account.

I will expect them back in the account by Tuesday am at the latest.



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Re: How to stop pending payments



When you pay a company (rather than an ebay seller or individual), then it is often pending until that company processes your order and captures the pending payment.

If they don't process that order and capture the pending payment then the pending status times out at 30 days post-payment.

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