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How to issue refund from credit card

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How to issue refund from credit card



We have a paypal account which is configured to auto-debit to the linked Indian bank account automatically. We are now facing difficulty to issue a refund. How can we initiate a payment to a customer ?. When we try to add fund from credit card to paypal balance, it is not possible. We actually need to issue refund to a previously paid transaction. But as the paypal is configured to auto-debit, we are not having enough balance to refund the transaction. 


When we searched the forms we got the below mentioned details :-


When we tried to initiate the payment as separate transaction to the customer, we are getting the following error :-



This recipient accepts PayPal payments only through their website. To complete this payment, please go to their website and follow their instructions, or email the recipient for instructions



Kindly suggest the best possible way to refund the transaction.



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Re: How to issue refund from credit card



You can fund a refund from a linked and confirmed bank account (not debit card).

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