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How to change backup funding source

New Community Member

How to change backup funding source



I have looked at the other threads covering this topic and have not found any useful answers...


I have set my bank account as my prefered payment method.  I also have my own card and my mum's card in my wallet.  Previously my own card was set as backup for my payments.  However, I had to update the expiry on my mum's card recently and now I find that Paypal has set it as my backup source.  Obviously I don't want to use my mum's card as backup for my own purchases, but I can't see a way to change it.  There's nothing in my wallet to allow me to update the backup that I can see, only options to add/edit/delete payment methods and the edit option doesn't give any way to select it as backup.


The only suggestion to make a change that I have found here so far was via the 'send money now' option on the Paypal site, but I mostly use Paypal via other websites' checkouts, which give a pop up window where I can select payment method, but there doesn't appear to be anywhere to change the backup method.


Is there any way to change the backup method when using Paypal in this way?