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How do I remove receiving and sending limits on my business account


How do I remove receiving and sending limits on my business account

I  have a business account with pay pal and they have set mothly limits of $1,200 approx monthly for my receiving and sending amounts . The is a button atr the bottom of the page that says Lift Limits and it request you add your business bank account and link it to the account .


I have done that and it says the checking  account is linked than I click done but nothing happened the amounts are still the same no chnages to the limits .


My question what is it going to take to lift these ridiculously low monthly receiving and sending amounts ? I would understand if it was a personal account these amounts probably makes sense .


My next question is if they require us to submit more kyc documents thats also fine but whwre do we do it , im totally clueless on why make it very difficult for a client to receive funds or send out payments if there are invoices to back this up . Just a ask for it and it will be provided .


I also have read and seen many complaints that they put a 180 days hold on an account even after all the invoices and proof have been sent out . 


Is there anyway not to get youe account limited ?  by creating invoices will that help ?


Now im confused if i receive a payment for more than the specified limit in my account for example mine has a limit of $1,200 usd if the product is $1,300 is  my account get going to get limited or the system is not going to allow the customer to pay $1,300 and reject the payment completely ?


I would really appreciate if any member of the community can answer these questions above and probably help others out there that are having the same issues . Thank you.