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How can I make sure there is no money in my old account?

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How can I make sure there is no money in my old account?

I haven't used eBay or PayPal in years, but I decided to list an item I no longer needed on there and accidentally attached my old PayPal account to it. Thus, when a customer bought the item, the payment went through my old PayPal instead of my new one. I do not know the password for my old account nor the card associated with it, as that card is no longer in use. My SSN is not attached to my old account so PayPal refused for me to access it (understandably so) and presumably shut down the old account. I called PayPal to make sure the account was not still up and running and the machine said that my old account was no longer in the system, BUT the payment that my customer paid my old PayPal account has not been sent back to them yet, even though the PayPal employee I talked to said that no payments could go through in that account anymore. I'm not sure if I should wait another business day or so, but I need to make sure they can receive their money back so I can mail them their item. This has been going on for 2 days already and is very frustrating. How can I make sure my customer gets their money back when I can't even remove the money from my old account?

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Re: How can I make sure there is no money in my old account?



Do you still have the email address that was linked to that old paypal account?

If so add it to your new paypal account and the funds should show up.


If not then.....................

You need to contact your buyer(s) and ask them to see what it says in their paypal accounts either:
1. Unclaimed with a cancel option.
2. Unclaimed.
3 Completed.

If its:
Unclaimed with a cancel option.
Ask them to cancel the payment but tell them that it will take a few days to go back to their funding source. Then get them to use the "send money" > Goods/Services option and pay to your email address. Tell them DO NOT use the ebay option or it will direct them to ebay checkout and the same thing will happen. They may not want to do this and so you could then cancel the transaction.
there is no cancel option then the buyer will get their money back automatically 30 days after paying.
Again they may not want to pay you again until they get their money back so you may need to cancel the transaction for them.
If its completed then come back for more advice.

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