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How can I change the payment method for a purchase ...

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How can I change the payment method for a purchase ...

How can I change the payment method for a purchase mistakenly using a close bank account and closed debit card as backup payment method?


Usually I use paypal credit, but with this purchase they did not accept paypal credit and I did not notice it was accessing my old bank account.  I had forgotten to remove it.  Also it is using the debit card for that bank account as backup payment method.  I tried to use resolution center to get help from paypal but they said it is an invalid request.  I have changed my primary method from paypal credit to my new bank account and have listed the new debit card, but I do not see where to set it as default backup payment method.  I am hoping that when the payment gets declined they will try to use my new bank account.  Is this correct?  If so then is there no problem and nothing to worry about?

Also, at the same time I printed a shipping label for ebay and it says it is a pre-approved payment using the old bank account and backup card method.  It is still pending.  I have updated my payment information for ebay to use paypal credit.  Will this be sufficient?

I also contacted the seller for the first transaction above.  They agreed to cancel the order.  I guess this will be ok and then I can delete the old bank account, except that the ebay shipping label is also pending.

It sure would be nice if I could simply change the payment method or at least add a payment method to an order in the case of a failure like this.

Is what I have done basically the same thing, updating my payment preferences?

Thank you.