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Hi! I think I got phishing from scam antique buyer.

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Hi! I think I got phishing from scam antique buyer.

First step them send me a message straight away on my phone number it said “ Hi,Just viewed your Antiques AD, Pls confirm your asking price & condition to my email:? Email only. Tanya. “ (she phone numbers didn’t show but I check by calling back and cut off it’s “8269 2” I just know today) and when we talking on email I ask for those antique just $300. And then she already use a PayPal transfer to my bank account already it’s show $680 (she said $300 for me ,$30 for any charge and $350 agents pickup fee// It’s I need to use her $350 to pay agents fee pickup for them by $350 Neosurf Voucher because the agents they accepted only Neosurf Voucher). The recipe $680 it’s from PayPal on 13 January. And “ I need to use a $350 Neosurf Voucher confirm to PayPal on that’s day when I said I can’t find Neosurf Voucher to buy and then she said she already talking with their agents and they can accept “Flexible Voucher” . After that’s I try again very hard to get it. Finally I got it and I confirmed to that’s Scam PayPal Email. It’s said your “Voucher Received “ $680 will be in my bank account in 20 hours. Today she tell me the agents asking for $200 insurance and she use a same method and that’s scam Paypal email too. But I don’t money to buy them anymore also borrow too because on Monday I already borrowed from my mom. Now I can’t do that’s again until I got this $680. She still said “You need to get or borrow some money to buy voucher and send to scam Paypal” I still said I don’t have it I can’t do that’s. Then I going for investigation very hard and already reporting to Paypal,Flexepin,Australian Scamwatch But now I think she still waiting for me and still do not know that I already knew her that she is deceiving me. I’m a seller or Ebay and Gumtree too (But this scam is not from ebay. I think it’s from Gumtree) They are going to destroy my financial to study. I hope I will got some help soon. Thank you for reading Regarding Nat (Ebay,Gumtree)

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Re: Hi! I think I got phishing from scam antique buyer.





1) PayPal would never ask you for tracking information or have you pay a third party 'agent' before you receive payment. 


2) Someone cannot send money directly to your bank account with their PayPal account. The funds have to go to your PayPal balance first! And you have to always check your PayPal account to see if you received payment when someone or PayPal says you have received money by email. If the money is there then, you make a separate transfer to your bank account from your PayPal account. OR if the money is on PayPal hold, you will at least see a record of payment in your PayPal account and in the transaction details, it will say whether you should ship or not.


3) This person did not send you any money, they just send you fake PayPal emails saying they paid and tricking your to buy these "vouchers" and give them the info on the voucher so they can access the money. That is the scam.




There is not much PayPal can do if there is no record of payment though PayPal. The 'scammer' probably don't even have a PayPal account and have not provided any identifying info but the email address.

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