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Help with my webshop

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Help with my webshop


I just started a webshop with a website maker that includes a payment by paypal option,

So when someone pays the money gets sent to my paypal account.


Today someone ordered one of my items and payed with paypal, but when I look at my recent transactions nothing shows up.

I looked around online and some people said that paypal sometimes holds on to the payment for a while, but if they did would'nt it show up somewhere?


I'm relatively new to receiving payments through paypal and the main thing i'm wondering is how long will it take for the money to show up in my account?


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Re: Help with my webshop

Yes, it would show up in your account if it was there whether it was held or not.

Does your web order detail include the PayPal transaction ID? Are you able to find that transaction when you search for it in your PayPal account?

If you have a PayPal transaction ID, but you aren't seeing it anywhere in your account, then my guess would be your site is configured with a PayPal sandbox account. Developers do this for testing, and sometimes they forget to set it all back live. I've seen it a number of times.

Just a guess...

Angell EYE -
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Re: Help with my webshop

That's probably it, I'll look more into it