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Have to refund for 2 items


Have to refund for 2 items

Hi, So, we are relatively new sellers in the ebay community. Been selling for a little over a few months now and everything has been going great. However, just this morning my husband and I decided to list our sons video game consoles that he has basically since abadoned and told us to sell them for him. Apparently $175 and $200 were prices too good to be true, because they sold within 20 minutes. Now, the problem is that when we had gone to the storage facility this evening to retrieve the games to ship out tomorrow, our stuff was gone! After an hour of arguing with the manager, we finally figured out that they had apparently sold our storage locker "by mistake", which is a different matter all together. However, we have no choice now but to refund the buyers for these. Which, since we already withdrew the money, will put us $375 negative in our paypal account! Obviously, over time our ebay sales will take care of that negative balance, no problem. And possibly add some to it every week. My question is, is there a time frame as to how long i have to take care of this negative balance? I am guessing it will take a few weeks, at least. I still can't believe this has happened. I'd really like someone to clarify this for me. Will this cause any issues on my account? We have been doing so well, i would hate to have some sort of strike or anything against us. And god forbid we get suspended from our account or something.
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Re: Have to refund for 2 items



If you issue a refund and have no funds in your paypal account balance then paypal will take that refund from your bank account.

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