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Got scammed

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Got scammed

Sadly i was next in line to felt for it.Have some stuff that i don't need in my house so decided to put advertisment on popular net page in my country.It is still on there...Then wow somebody conact me saying that he is interested and if i can send him more pics of product.His number is from uk.After sending more pics he was ready to buy through paypal saying that it is simplest and safest way,i agreed.Of course in this case that is far from true.So he send me email saying that transaction is 99% pending and that i need to pay sum in bitcoin for transfer to be completed.Sadly felt for it and payed. Then the second mail came with larger sum which i refused to pay realising to late that this is false paypal mail...I have his phone number and email,still active .So if anyone can do something about it please do contact me ... Thank you.
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Re: Got scammed



As none of the transaction was done using paypals site then nothing we can advise you.

Paypal does not tell you to send money as a seller especially not another currency or site to send it.

Also funds are pending IN your paypal balance, if nothing in your balance then you have not been paid.

You fell for fake emails and sent funds NOT using your paypal account.

None of that is how paypal works. 

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