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Got charged instead of refunded

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Got charged instead of refunded

I bought a purse at Belk using my paypal business debit card. 

the money came out of my bank account.


I returned the bag and was issued a refund back to my card. 
PayPal after a few days, charged my account again in that amount rather than refunding.

I can’t get a person on the phone and I’ve sent messages 



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Re: Got charged instead of refunded




 You funded the payment to the seller using bank transfer. What PayPal do here is credit the recipient on your behalf (so there is no delay in despatching your item). Then if you receive a refund in the meantime they are unable to issue this until the original bank transfer completes.

So the payment can often show as going 'out' after the refund has been issued and shows as 'in'.  

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