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Gift Payment


Gift Payment


I am new to PayPal and I have read the rules. There is something I don't understand. I sent my brother payment as a gift for his wedding but he later told me the payment was on pending. That he will receive the money in his PayPal balance after 7 days after due verifications. Pls, why is this payment held? I am not buying anything. I am just helping my brother for his wedding. 


thanks in advance



Re: Gift Payment

Hello @JanFredrik,


Thanks for reaching out! If the payment was on a payment hold, it's possible the payment was sent as a Goods / Service payment. Or, it's possible the payment was sent as an eCheck, which requires a time-frame to clear from the bank (normally 3-5 business days) before crediting to the receiver's PayPal account.


Have a great day!


 - Jon K

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