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Getting robbed by scammer and by paypal


Getting robbed by scammer and by paypal

I receive 695 euro in my account, the money is "on hold" but released a few minutes after. Because it is released by Paypal and I can withdraw the amount to my bank account I assume all is legit. I sent the goods to the buyer.


The next day Paypal takes back the 695 euro and says the payment was an "unauthorized transaction". As I have no money in my account I have a negative balance of 695 euro. While trying to contact support about it, this amount gets increated to 736 euro as the transaction costs are also charged to me. 
So while I only got 695 euro from the scammer, in addition PayPal robs me a second time and says I need to pay for the transaction costs as well.

What is this madness? I did nothing wrong yet I end up with a negative balance of €736 AND I lost the goods. The scammer has the goods. Paypal expects me to pay them.