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Game Money

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Game Money

I played a game online where you receive money.  They tell you that when you get to $X amount you can transfer it to your PayPal acct or an Amazon gift card.  The games are so boring because there are so many ads, but I got thru it.  Its the 2nd time I'm trying to transfer funds.  The first time I transferred money, but I'm locked out of that account.  For some reason, and I can't get thru to anyone to tell me what's going on.


The issue I have now, is I just finished playing a game and I'm ready to transfer some money to paypal account (i opened another account)

When I click on Collect funds, 2 boxes come up.  So I clicked Paypal cashout and first box says, enter your paypal account... second box says enter your email.  I know this is probably a scam, but just curious to know what is my "paypal account"  There's no room to type in my email.. just has few letter open after the @ .

Any ideas anyone?

Thank you


P.S. how can I find out about my other account where i'm locked out.  That account also has my Paypal Credit... so frustrated

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Re: Game Money



Those sorts of game apps are scams. They don't pay out but they get paid from you watching the ads as well as their ad providers who get a cut. Do a web search on the games before you play them.


If you're locked out of the paypal account because you got your password wrong a few a forgot password to reset by email.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂