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Funds disapearence

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Funds disapearence

I sold items in ebay from October to December a total of £128 this money has disappeared into thin air. Ebay say that it was paid into Pay Pal there is no evidence in paypal that it is there. So it has disappeared into thin air. I have the photos of the sold items on my phone but not on the desk top. Ther is no number on them as i was asked from Pay Pal to give a transaction number. None of the 9 items have one but I have all the buyers details are there. Can someone give me an idea where my money could of gone as I am being passed from Ebay to Pay Pal etc This is disgraceful. They said it the money was paid to a differeent email which is never used but I have changed it to that email and still nothing . Please could someone advise as I am getting nowhere.

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Re: Funds disapearence



Go to ebay and click on 'sell' put in anything (as you aren't going to actually list anything) until you get to the main page > scroll down near the bottom and where it says payment methods check the email address that is on that page, is there a spelling mistake or old one?

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