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Friends & Family


Friends & Family

Hi, I had a friend send me a payment via "Friends & Family" yesterday (13-14 hours ago) but it still hasn't come through. From what I've googled and found in the community discussions these payments usually come through instantly. This is the first payment he's ever sent me through PayPal, could this be what is taking so long? Any ideas on what it could be?

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Re: Friends & Family



Double check the email address he used to send the funds and make sure that there wasn't a typo or spelling error.


Then ...

Ask what does it say next to the transaction in their Paypal account?

1. Pending / Unclaimed.
2. Pending / Unclaimed with a cancel option.
3. Completed / Sent.
4. Pending / Uncleared.
5. Pending awaiting authorisation.

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