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Friendly Money Has Not Come In

New Community Member

Non payment

Had an email from PayPal to say I had been paid for an item I sold on eBay on 16th April it's now over 3 weeks and the money has not appeared in my account . I have made 3 phone calls to PayPal only to be told that there is a technical problem and they don't know when the money will be payed into my acc . Any suggestions ???

New Community Member

Payment not showingin my account

Hi. someone paid me some money to my mobile number. It did not show in my Paypal account. I had received a text saying I had to click on the link to receive the funds and this worked OK. There was no payment pending or anything showing on my account so I went on to settings and confirmed my mobile number which I thought would sort it out.  I then assumed that somehow I must have to add a business account and I did this.

However when I re-visited the original text and tried to do it again it said that the number was already in use by another account.

Still no payment so its sitting in the ether somewhere and I can't access it. Any ideas?