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Friendly Money Has Not Come In

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Re: cannot access paypal payment.

I have an audit trail of the problem which might help resolution.

*** ADVISORY *** This will be long and technical, not a tweet.


My daughter sent $600 to [confirmed email account] but the money does not show in my account.
I have followed all the recommendations in the HELP link to no avail.
Anybody have a suggestion on how to get my money?
Thanks, Brrrlin

The following is the audit trail for this transaction..

From:     [service-paypal]
To:     [confirmed email account]
Sent:     29 Apr '18 13:05
Subject:     You've got money

Transaction ID: 36H15527HB288854A
April 29, 2018
Money received $600.00 USD

Claim your money now
From Diana

Log In

Diana <removed> has sent you
$600.00 USD
We'll link [confirmed email account] to your PayPal account when you log in.

$600.00 is yours!

The money from Diana is now in your account.

Your account is ready to go!

Here are some things you can do to get started.
    Transfer money to your bank

There’s nothing to transfer right now
Try again when you have a PayPal balance.

Apr 30, 2018 10:44

That's over 21 hours between money sent (and stated as being available)
by PayPal, yet no money accessible in my account.

PayPal Verified seal
    Card Linked
    Bank Account: Linked and Confirmed
You can now enjoy our full range of benefits:
Transfer money    Available
Send money    Fewer fees*
Sending limit    Lifted
Receive money    Available
Withdraw money    Limit lifted

FACT #1: My Phone is linked and confirmed.  "BAL" says "$0.00"
FACT #2: My 3 email accounts are linked and confirmed.  My Account shows "$0.00"
FACT #3: There is no alert stating the money is on hold
FACT #4: Although I have a seller # and have not sold in several years,
         this is money my daughter is trying to send me as a gift.
FACT #5: I have been on PayPal since 2002 and have 100% positive feedback.
FACT #6: I have sent money to friends and relatives several times in the past,
         but this is the first time I am receiving money.


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Receiving a payment

I received an email stating I was paid but I show no payment when I look in my account. And I cannot see any pending payments. The email said something about confirming my email and it will show up automatically. I did it but nothing happened
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It won't let me accept payments

I went to activity, and it says "Payment received," and under that, it says "your money is waiting" with the options to accept or decline it. The first time I clicked accept, I was told that I had to verify my account to be able to receive payments. So I went through the steps, confirmed the back and credit card and all that, but when I went back and tried to accept the payment again, the same thing popped up about having to verify my account. Whenever I go into my account settings it shows my account as being verified, and I even received an email confirming that I did indeed verify my account.

...So why can I still not accept the pending payments?


Received money not going into my account

I got a payment from a company and I got it in my email but when I collect the money, my balance is still zero. Note that I have confirmed my email, and did all of the other things so I get get payments and it still doesn't work. Also this email is the one that I got the payment from so it's not a scam. When I go back to the email, I can collect the money again

Not received payment - email confirmed.



I received an email telling me somebody had sent me money, but I hadn't confirmed my email. The email told me to confirm my email address on my account and the money would show up. I did so and the money isn't in my account.


Where is it?!



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Re: Not received payment - email confirmed.

Sometime new payment included security reason, but I feel you should contact them to ensure true transaction. Thank you....


Re: Not received payment - email confirmed.

I have the same problem 😞 Hope somebody could answer.

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Receiving money

I had money sent to me for a performance I did. I got the email confirming it but it isn't showing up on my PayPal. I tried to confirm my email but can't figure it out. Help!
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Re: Receiving money


Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.
I do not work for Paypal.
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payment not going thru from alternate email address

 I had a friend send me money via paypal to my secondary email account , Paypal shows me from that address I have money waiting  I verify the email address log in  and 24 hours later  the money still isnt showing up