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[Filter: Tech Support Spam] Haleyinthevalle's post body matched "r:(?:^|[^\n=])1? ?[^\d][2-9][^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}\d[^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}\d[^\d=\n\r]{0,20}[2-9][^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}\d[^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}\d[^\d]{0,20}(?:\d[^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}){3}\d(?:$| |[^a-z\d])", board "4".

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Post Subject: Scam using PayPal customer service telephone

Post Body:

I am a buyer in the process of receiving a refund from a seller. PayPal closed the case and seller contacted me asking what they should do... here is where it gets sketchy! I quickly googled "contact PayPal". It brought up a number 1-888-221-1161 (I confirmed with REAL PayPal that this is a number associated with them?) When I called them, a man answered (no automatons) and I explained that I needed to speak about an issue I was having. He asked for my name and "what was going on?". I told him why I was calling and he said "ok, I need to transfer you to our billing dept" I then spoke to a "supervisor" during this contact he asked for my name and the price of the item I was disputing. I gave him the info and told him, how about I just give you the case I'd? He took the info. He then said something to the effect of "we apologize for the trouble and we will give you a refund of 150$ for the trouble" The item was only 139.99 so I thought this was very odd! He then said I have multiple cards on file can you give me last four digits of the card where you want refund to go. I gave him the last 4 digits. He then read my phone number back to me (I never gave him this) and said he would send confirmation to me. I asked him "cant you just email it to me?" And he said he would but he had to verify through the phone listed on the account. That this was a security feature... he sends me a text message and the moment I seen it I was freaking out "Dear Paypal User Paypal has deposited funds of $150.00 in your card ending with 2318** for GOOGLE Play Card. ACCOUNT BALANCE WILL BE UPDATED SOON. Regards Paypal Support Team Dear customer your transaction has been declined due to some error code please contact paypal support team as soon as possible . Regards Paypal support team" I have canceled my bank cards, called PayPal and changed all my passwords.... I verified with PayPal that they did NOT issue a refund, contact me via cellphone or have any history of this interaction. My question is: 1. How did I end up with scammers from calling a number that is theirs? (Even verified on my phones call history) 2. How did they know my phone number? 3. How did they know I had multiple cards on file? I find this ALL very, very alarming as a consumer.

Body text " 1-888-221-1161 " matched filter pattern "rSmiley Sad?:^|[^\n=])1? ?[^\d][2-9][^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}\d[^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}\d[^\d=\n\r]{0,20}[2-9][^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}\d[^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}\d[^\d]{0,20}(?:\d[^a-zA-Z\d\n]{0,5}){3}\d(?:$| |[^a-z\d])".

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