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Facing issues in completing a transcation

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Facing issues in completing a transcation

Hi Team,


We are trying to process payments via PayPal but we are facing multiple issues. For the past 1 month, we tried payments using various credit cards but could not complete the transaction.


Please find the issues below,


1. We tried more than 3 cards but still receiving the error - "Can't complete your purchase using the funding source you selected and choose another way"


Please find the reference screenshot below,


Screenshot from 2021-02-17 12-56-22.png


2. Tried another credit card but the transaction was unsuccessful.


3. Tried another credit but didn't receive OTP


We need to do payments regularly via PayPal but due to these issues, we are unable to do any payments in PayPal. We can use our credit cards (added in the PayPal) for other online payments. So it confirms that the issue is only with PayPal.


We request your help in solving this issue at the earliest.

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Re: Facing issues in completing a transcation



Are you paying a seller in your country?

Only paypal have stopped supporting domestic payment transactions in your country.

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