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Express Checkout fails on the last step


Express Checkout fails on the last step

I have been trying for several days to get this working for my Shopify store. I wanted to test if payments were working on Paypal checkout. It's failing on the last step, after filling in the credit card information. The error is, "We’re sorry. Things don’t appear to be working at the moment.". From the solutions to slightly similar issues posted in the forum, I have tried the following:

- reconnected the Shopify account with the Paypal business account.
- made sure both were using the same email  Paypal to ensure both were ready to accept payments (contacted support for each and confirmed the account settings are ready to accept payments).
- made sure the credit cards used were not connected to any Paypal account.
It does not matter whether it is through credit card or through personal Paypal account (I had someone else try it with their own Paypal account). The result is the same vague error. Please

If anyone from Paypal reads this, here are tokens froM my last attempts:

Please help me figure out why payments are failing. I cannot open my store until this is resolved.