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Error code when attempting to send money

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Error code when attempting to send money

I keep trying to send some money from my mobile device. I am stuck due to road conditions and this is the most frustrating thing ever. I repeatedly get an error code that says to contact customer service. But that is a non-existent entity within PayPal. No live chat. Nobody anwers the phone. So I must ask the community if anyone has ever dealt with this. How do you get the situation resolved. I am certain it is because PayPal tracks location on my device like they all do. But how do you let PayPal know it is really you when there is no way to communicate? How is that possible when someone is a money transfer service? It blows my mind. I have heard these horror stories, but it is the first time in twenty years as a PP user that I have ever had to deal with something thing this bizarre. Seriously. It makes me want to open a Venmo account. Hey PP, how bout a little help? If someone in this community has an idea, I am all ears. Thanks. And apologies for the slight vent here, but really, it is utterly absurd.
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Re: Error code when attempting to send money



Contact options for Paypal are accessed by clicking help/contact bottom left of Paypal pages...

1. Paypal phones are slowly re-opening and increasing in numbers (you can use the guest option if you can't log in).
2. Live chat is also randomly available.
3. You can send them a message, during business hours you may also be able to message whilst logged out.
4. Have you considered contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter?
You can send them a personal message from their Facebook or Twitter pages.
It's: and @AskPayPal for Twitter.

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