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Downloading invoice of purchase

New Community Member

Downloading invoice of purchase

Hey guys,


How do I download an invoice of a purchase I made? I bought something on a page using paypal, and I set my Company info in the billing information part. I would need that invoice so I can give it to my company, but I cannot find anything on PayPal.


The activity shows only shipping address. 

PayPal Employee

Re: Downloading invoice of purchase

Hi @stickerey,


The level of detail that you see in the transaction with PayPal depends on how the merchant sets it up when they integrate with PayPal.

Some merchants will provide detailed information for their buyers here, while others prefer to provide more detailed information in separate order confirmation notifications from their website.

This is similar to making a purchase at Target using a Visa card, your Visa statement may have limited information, but Target will provide more detailed information in a separate email order confirmation.


If you need more detailed information, please contact the merchant.