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PayPal open the communication and let me be free expressing frustrated aim: Start with (PayPal has the right to remove the topic) Yeah sure you can! Cause your not being honest in ur transactions and security, even since I heard PayPal when I was a kid I didn't trust them I don't know why, now for long Years passed and here aim I tried to open account, getting money and recieved message that I will recieve it within 72 hours, follow up with email from them (within 30 min the amount will be in my account) but that never happen and now I'm on my 96 hours and the transaction never reached my bank... Plus how bad to reach the call center or even online help so frustrating not easy, and I have to make the topic that they choose?? Non of the above has helped me what is it now?
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Sounds as if you have been scammed to me as paypal payments are more or less instant.

Never send anything until you see the funds in your paypal account balance.

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