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Double payment?


Double payment?

Hello Community, Can an eBay buyer send a payment to a closed PayPal account on winning an item? Payment was sent to an account I closed sometime ago (trying to log into account says "there's no account associated to this address"). I told the buyer I had not received payment and told him to cancel payment. Buyer since sent payment to active PayPal account and I have received funds. Buyer has contacted to say payment has come out of his bank account twice....Is the first payment still on its "way back" to his account? Any advice? Many Thanks

Re: Double payment?

Hey @ATW44,


This is what we call an unclaimed payment. Since the email isn't connected to and confirmed on an active PayPal account, it's technically just floating at the moment. There's two options in this situation: first, you could add and confirm the email on your PayPal account, which would deliver the payment to your account. Second (and preferable in this situation since they already paid you by other means), the buyer can cancel the payment on their end because the payment is listed as "unclaimed." If the buyer does nothing, we automatically reverse unclaimed payments after 30 days. I hope this helps! 


- Ashley M

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