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Do not want to add a Debit/Credit Card

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Do not want to add a Debit/Credit Card

I am trying to make a purchase via Xsolla and I'm getting the message "To continue, add a card or choose a way to pay later". I do not want to add a card -- I only want to use the existing account balance for purchases, and the account balance is large enough for this specific purchase. In addition, I've made other Xsolla purchases using this account without having a card added. Xsolla support says this is a PayPal issue. PayPal support bot just wants to keep pushing me to the page to add a card :(.


How do I allow my account to process all Xsolla purchases without a card added to my account?

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Re: Do not want to add a Debit/Credit Card



Paypals security has kicked in and decided you need to add a back up funding source to your paypal account before you can continue using your balance, you need to add one, you can still use your balance.

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