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Discover can't find refund

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Discover can't find refund

A merchant that did not provide services as promises. The merchant charged an "upfront fee" to my Discover card. Apparently the merchant processes charges through paypal so this transaction was not done through my paypal account, but through the merchants regular Paypal account. Paypal states it "ruled in the buyers (ie. my) favor in the buyer dispute I initiated. Paypal told me that they refunded the money to my Discover account but Discover states they have no record of that transaction. Paypal will not provide me proof of the refund because I am not the "merchant". Discover won't give me a credit.  Paypal will not provide me with any written information on the transaction other than the "we have ruled in the buyers favor" letter and a transaction number which Discover doesnt recognize because it is an internal Paypal number and not a record that the money went back to me. What should I do. 

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Re: Discover can't find refund



Refunds to cards take a week, up to 30 days. If you didn't get a refund by that time, dispute the charge through your discover card.

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