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Direct Debit

New Community Member

Direct Debit

I cancelled my direct debit with paypal in February 2019 as they were taking far above the required amount and subsequently another was set up in March. Ever since then no direct debit payments have been taken from my personal bank account and Paypal are stating that I have cancelled it. Obviously they cannot tell the difference between a cancelled direct debit and an active direct debit.

The amount of excuses the customer services are giving could have come out of a Hans Christian Anderson novel and they are clearly incompetent of handling any enquiry even when their own reference number is given pertaining to the direct debit, stating they do not have access to that information. If I am quoting the reference number created by themselves, then surely they are trying to take my payments from the wrong direct debit.

The latest tale is that the direct debit does not necessarily relate the minimum payment required each month, but confirms they are able to extract money from my personal account.

When I was growing up in Dublin, one expression that comes to mind was "A Gasman", someone who could spin a yarn and expect everyone to believe it.