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Denied - Money received

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Denied - Money received

Hey all, 


Hello, so basically, I am from Singapore : I sent an invoice to a EU person. He accepted it and paid it to me. The thing is that he got charged by his bank but my payment got DENIED : what should I do ?

Seller location : Singapore B

uyer location : Spain Seller : He sent an invoice which was accepted by the buyer : he got a payment accepted but denied however. He DOES NOT HAVE RECEIVED THE MONEY ! Buyer : He paid the invoice and he was charged by his bank : it says however pending on his transaction. Photos down Below : 


PLEASE Note : -My credit card is not confirmed.

-I have received an email where it says that my charge has been reversed.


Re: Denied - Money received

Can you please share an update on this problem. How was it solved? Thank you.