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Defaulting to Bank or CC vs PayPal balance for Payment

New Community Member

Defaulting to Bank or CC vs PayPal balance for Payment

I am trying to set up a monthly payment to a merchandiser. I have my PayPal account balance but when I try to make the payment the system only offers my bank account or CC as an option. Why? I want to pay from my balance.


Re: Defaulting to Bank or CC vs PayPal balance for Payment

Hello, @TLeonard. Thanks for taking the time to add your question here on the PayPal Community Forum. I hope the following information is helpful.


What you have described sounds like PayPal's Security System is taking steps to help protect your information and transactions. The System reviews every transaction and determines which payment methods are available. This helps avoid problems with transactions and it helps PayPal manage the risks involved in operating as a worldwide Money Services Business.


If you have tried multiple times to complete the same transaction, that could cause the System to believe there is a problem. Logging out of everything, deleting the cookies and temporary internet files and re-starting your system can help along with giving the System 24-48 hours to re-set.

Since you are located in the United States (according to your profile), it's also possible PayPal needs to confirm your identity and mailing address before we can allow you to use money in your balance. This is due to PayPal's compliance obligations. Please check out for more information.


I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your patience during this time.