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Debit transaction doesn’t appear???

New Community Member

Debit transaction doesn’t appear???

Hi all! I’ve been having some trouble with my paypal and would like to seek some help. I made a purchase at the website Redbubble yesterday with PayPal through my debit Visa card. It’s worked before on eBay with the same card. However, this time the payment didn’t go through. PayPal informers me my balance was insufficient, and I added more funds to my chequing. account (I have no balance in my PayPal account). They emailed me again saying the payment has been received and Redbubble sent me a confirmation email about my order. After about an hour I got another email from PayPal saying my payment was declined by the bank. Yet when I logged into PayPal it said my payment had been completed (a negative balance), and Redbubble appeared to have confirmed my payment and order. The transaction appears complete on both sites but I have not seen anything appear in my debit records. Does this mean I owe money to Paypal?


Re: Debit transaction doesn’t appear???

Hi @hollymlee,


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that there is confusion regarding the status of your payment. Any sort of guess we would make here on the forum without looking at the details has a decent likelihood of being incorrect. Since this one is kind of complicated, I would recommend contacting customer service to allow someone to look into things and tell you exactly where things stand right now.


To contact customer service, please click Help & Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page for contact options, or reach out by Facebook or Twitter.




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