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Customer did not receive refund (through Wix)

New Community Member

Customer did not receive refund (through Wix)

Hello all!


So I had preorders open on Wix for a bag last August, and due to unfortunate delays the bags were pushed back to this year (I received them last week, the delay was huge sadly).  I kept in contact with the customers and most agreed to wait for their bags. 


Eventually, one needed their money for emergency reasons, and I've refunded them via my website (Wix), but the refund is not showing on Paypal on either end's activity and it has been a week? I can't manually refund it through on Paypal either or push through again on Wix as it has already been refunded. Is this due to the date being so long ago? 


Has anyone had any experience with this?  Should I just refund by sending the customer money? (But I am worried about double paying them) - I think it might be too late for them to put a claim in too? 


Thank you!