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Custom Recurrent Payments


Custom Recurrent Payments

Is there any way to set the recurring payments so that there's a free period at the end of a set cycle? for example, i want to have monthly recurring payments for 3 months but I'd like giving 10 free days after the first month resulting in:

05/01 -> 06/01 first month (paid 05/01)

06/01 -> 06/10 free

06/11 -> 07/11 second month (paid 06/11)

07/11 -> 08/11 last month (paid 07/11)


I've seen the trial period section, however the problem is that if possible I'd like charging for the month, then giving a free period and then go back to the recurring payments. The issue is that I have not found how to set this up because trial period takes place at the beginning and full payment gets done until trial is over.


Re: Custom Recurrent Payments

Hi, the only way you can achieve this is developing your own logic (code) which will know the "path" of the recurring period and the free one together with PayPal ReferenceTransactions which allows to charge a transaction starting from a previous completed one from the same buyer/subscribers. But ReferenceTransaction is enabled only in some business scenarios and based on some parameters of your business account and activity reviewed by a specific PayPal department.