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Credit doesn’t show as a payment option

New Community Member

Credit doesn’t show as a payment option

My paypal account has a credit line. It is set as my preferred payment method. However EVERY TIME I am trying to purchase anything, I am not even given the option to pay using my credit, and every time I call the help center the digital assistant can’t direct me to the right place in order to get me to an agent and I’m getting livid because i have a deadline for this particular purchase. 



Re: Credit doesn’t show as a payment option

Hi @HannahBailey,


I apologize for the frustration this has caused, and understand the urgency to complete your purchase. I do know that PayPal Credit is not eligible for every purchase, so if you're not seeing PayPal Credit as an available funding source during your checkout, you may need to try purchasing a different item or try ordering through a different website. I know this isn't ideal, however customer service does not have the ability to force PayPal Credit to show up as a payment option, meaning that if you truly need to use your credit line, it would be best to attempt a different purchase.