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Credit card charge re-routed to PayPal


Credit card charge re-routed to PayPal

I've not had this happen before. I ordered from a company I hadn't purchased from before. I had the option of PayPal or credit card. I opted for credit card as if there's a problem, the response time is much faster. I just received an email showing the purchase was made using PayPal which uses this card to cover any overages. Is this normal? 

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Re: Credit card charge re-routed to PayPal



If you bought something online with a debit or credit card and did NOT log into your Paypal account then of course it won't show on that Paypal account because you bought as a 'guest buyer'.
However your seller may have processed that payment using their Paypal 'card reader' and so Paypal would show on your bank or card statement.

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