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Contacting PayPal Customer Service or Messaging - Impossible


Contacting PayPal Customer Service or Messaging - Impossible

I have been trying to contact PayPal for over 2.5 hours!   1) Tried the messaging service on website - Got PayPal Assistant, Explained my problem, and went into this never loop which never provided resolution.  2) Decided to try the contact us by calling - On hold for 2+ hours and no one has answered aside from the recorded messages that say "try the messaging service" (which I tried before calling).  [I am working while waiting for them to pickup... just in case y'all are wondering why I didn't hang up.] 


My issue - Awhile back I updated my PayPal account with a preferred Payment Card for all future purchases.  Now I got my statement and it appears they are still using an old Payment Card.  I don't want to delete the old Payment Card however would like them to correct this and ensure all future purchases are billed to my preferred Payment Card.   These are purchases done via APPS where the only option on the APP is to use PayPal - so not like an online purchase where you can change it.  So all I do is click PayPal it and it should use the preferred Payment Card.  




Re: Contacting PayPal Customer Service or Messaging - Impossible

Hi @eliza2090,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


In general, when you select a preferred payment method, we can't guarantee that your chosen source will be used for every payment. To provide one of the safest online payment methods, our security program considers a variety of factors at each transaction to keep you safe and, occasionally, we must change a payment method as a matter of security. This could be why your preferred payment method is not selected. You can also try to select your preferred payment method again. Here is how:



I hope this helps!