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Charges to PayPal Credit

New Community Member

Charges to PayPal Credit

Hello, so I got a fraudulent call today asking for my PayPal details and just hung up the phone, but I just wanted to make sure everything was fine regardless. So logged in. Nothing seemed out of place apart from having £14.04 due on my PayPal credit, that I havent used since March time. Alarm Bells start ringing.


IU look into this and it seems my monthly Patreon payments out are now being charged against my PayPal credit instead of my debit card like it has done for the many months I have paid out before July in which this has started. I have checked my preferred payment method and it is set to Card and not PayPal credit. I'm worried why this has happened as if it wasn't for the spam call, I wouldn't of checked my PayPal credit as I very rarely use it.