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Cashflow within paypal!!

New Community Member

Cashflow within paypal!!

HI Everyone - first time on this forum so please be gentle with me

Can any one help me with this one please I purchased an item from eBay for £389 using the pay after fourteen days option, A few days later I sold a similar item for £460. My rational was the £460 (less fees) funds from the my sale will provide the funds within PayPal to cover the £389.  After checking my PayPal summery I find that they are taking the £389 on the 124th of this month but holding on to the funds from my sale until the 29th of this month - even though the sold item has been paid for, collected and finished.


This means I don't have enough money to complete my payment to PayPal even though they are holding more than enough money of mine to cover this payment. I go away on holiday tomorrow with no way of providing enough funds to cover this shortfall.


Can anyone advise me how I can address this crazy situation!! I mean why are they holding 'my' money for 21 days yet they will be telling me on the 14th that I don't have enough funds in my PayPal account