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Cancelling an eCheck made today

New Community Member

Cancelling an eCheck made today

I accidentally paid a seller via Bank rather than card earlier today, resulting in an eCheck payment rather than an instant Goods and services transaction. The purchase is time sensitive, and the seller won't provide the item until I transfer instantly.


I called PayPal, and they originally told me to contact my bank to cancel the transaction, but my bank said they hadn't received a pending payment from my account. I then called PayPal again, and they told me that only the seller is able to cancel the eCheck at the 'money sent' stage. The seller however told me that they tried the process, and PayPal said the cancellation of an eCheck was no longer available, and that would no longer work.


I'm now stuck needing to cancel the original eCheck, to start a new transaction but the payment is stuck in limbo.


Any help would be much appreciated!