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Cancelled Payment but no refunded


Cancelled Payment but no refunded

I bought an item on a site on March 30, 2021, there were some problems when shipping the item and the seller didn't respond so I opened a case on paypal, then the merchant asked me to attach an ID and invoice and it was still difficult, so I took the initiative to closed the case, and the seller has attached the transaction details, the payment status has been cancelled, but I didn't get my money back for several months... so what should I do?


Re: Cancelled Payment but no refunded

Hello, @rikarjenner

Thank you for reaching us through the Community. 

I'm sorry to hear there were some problems with your purchase. Unfortunately, once the dispute is closed, we aren't able to get involved. I advise you to ask your financial institution for further help. If you click on the following link, you will find all the information about PayPal Buyer Protection:

Kind regards.