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Canceling a double pending payment.

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 Hi, I ordered a premium account from a site yesterday and used Paypal for the payment. For a few hours, it worked perfectly but then my premium membership is closed due to not receiving the money.

 I contacted with the site, and they told me they didn't get the money. When I opened the my Paypal account, I saw the payment was(still same) in pending and it says " This is a temporary authorization to make sure your payment method will cover the payment. Your payment method will be charged when XXX, Inc. completes your order. ". According to this message it is up to site I bought a premium account so I recontacted with the site but they just said they didn't receive the money.

 Since I was in need, I had to resubscribe with same account with Paypal, today. Now, my second payment is not in pending and approved, but first one is still in the pending and Paypal withdrew  from. I tried to cancel it, but it didn't work. So, I double paid for the premium membership. What should ı do?

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