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Canceled online purchase pre-confirm on seller web-site

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Canceled online purchase pre-confirm on seller web-site



I made a purchase on a german online-store, no issue there. But darned it I noticed that they do also offer courier shipments besides free economy version (that likely would take ages). So I needed to cancel or at least change my shipping method, but the only button I could press on the page was "Cancel order". So I pressed that. But the correct amount (free shipping amount) was taken from my account. What to do?

1. Was this just a resevation of the money that will return to my balance after a day or two?

I did not receive any order confirmation email from the store and my purchase shows still in my shopping basket.

2. Should I proceed to make a new order in which I try to be more carefull and look for that shipping option now that I'm aware of it?

Oh and PayPal does remind me that there is an open payment on my card but gives no immediate options to do anything about this notification.

Please help!

A very BIG thank you in advance!



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Re: Canceled online purchase pre-confirm on seller web-site

Apparently it was just a reservation that was already released to my bank account. Now though PayPal is giving me two notifications about payments waiting for my approval? Even though I already approved the second one and it has gone through and I have received an email receipt about the payment from PayPal itself?


So weird and confusing.