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Can't send $1

New Community Member

Can't send $1

This is more of a rant ... This service frustrates me every single time I use is..



This time, I'm trying to send $1 as a test to see if his newly made account would work.  While I was worried about his account being an issue because its new, it's my account that triggered the "security system."  My account is verified (passport, ssn, ID, email, phone, address ... everything but a blood sample).  Not only that but the is enough in my PayPal balance to cover the measly dollar that I was trying to send.


Thinking that maybe there was a glitch in the system, I call customer service like PayPal tells me too.  The wait is ~1 hour to speak to a live customer service agent.  I don't wait but ask to receive a call back when its my turn.  They do and can offer no assistance in making the transfer of one whole dollar possible.... instead, I get, I have to wait 24 hours.


PayPal, from a customer, you've got to do better.  I understand that you need to be secure and make sure that my money is safe from the bad guys.  But the only bad guy I always encounter is you.


Sincerely ...