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Can't issue refund


Can't issue refund

I work as an independent contractor and received a payment from a business yesterday that they made to me in error. They have requested that I refund the payment and I have followed the paypal steps: Click Activity, click transaction, but I do not see an "issue refund" button anywhere on the screen. I initiated chat with paypal customer service and have tried 4 different internet browsers at their suggestion, cleared cache, but the button still does not show.  Can anyone advise?  The business is holding my correct payment (which is considerably more) until I refund the incorrect payment. 


Thank you! 

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Re: Can't issue refund



what nation are you in? I would advice for you to do the 1st thing. follow these steps

#1 login to your account

#2 check your Paypal Balance summary

#3 make sure the company even sent you the money in the 1st place

that is (KEY)


you know the company name?

when did they send the money?

Locate the Transaction Number if there is any.

did you create an (Invoice)?

do you have a Business account as a Paypal setup?


it sounds shady the company I mean if you don't see a way to Refund 

anything is because I don't think you got any payment from them. follow these steps only if you have a (Business account)


#1 login to paypal account

#2 create an (invoice)

#3 charge for the work you did $$

#4 than the company pays you


that's a secure way to take a (TRANSACTION) other than that? you **bleep** yourself because none of

what your going through? make sense I hope I gave you enough information friend.


anymore problems with something & I have the answer? don't hesitate to ask☺


but I would advice to console again with a (Paypal Agent) only because I don't want to create more of a problem

& give you information you should not be doing. it's just a consideration so think things through so you don't get

burned with the company & get sued. this is not a big problem at all you should be able to resolve easily.


I think the company is going a bad route on how they are paying you at the moment & already messing

up in paying you or giving you more $$ I find that to be a red flag & they are asking for a Refund? 

I don't like the sound of that. I don't like it at all 😮


Re: Can't issue refund

I am in the US and I appreciate your concern.  I don't create invoices for the work, which I think could be part of the issue with not being able to refund.  I have worked with this company for over two years and correct payment is faithfully deposited in the paypal account by the 20th of each month when I complete work.  I think this truly was an honest mistake by an employee, but now I am struggling to resolve the issue.  I did receive a payment yesterday - it was for last month's amount (which I had already received on October 20th).  I just can't find a way to send that transaction back to the company so they can pay me for the current amount. 


Re: Can't issue refund

I received the payments in error as well, thank you for starting this thread.


Re: Can't issue refund

I have never had an issue with them and then someone pushes the wrong button right before the holidays!  I contacted the company too asking if anyone else was having the same issue, but I'm assuming they are swamped right now. 


Re: Can't issue refund

Just received the following message. (Paypal won't allow me to put in the actual email address, so you'll need to insert @ after "payments")


Yes, that's been a problem with several.  Please follow the instructions below to refund the deposit that was sent in error.

Please go into your Paypal account and click on the transaction.  If it doesn’t give you a Refund option, try clicking on “send”.  Send it to <removed> also be sure to mark it as “Friend” and not “Business”.  

If this doesn’t work, please get back to me.

We’re so sorry for this inconvenience. 

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Re: Can't issue refund

Thanks, that worked.

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Re: Can't issue refund



I also forgot did they pay you in a check?

Be careful friend a check is dangerous especially if you wired it into the account of Paypal

or used a direct deposit. to me checks are dangerous? they take long to clear probably the reason 

why you don't see anything on your Paypal account yet.


make sure you tell me enough so you get a better (Solution)