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Can't change shipping preferences.


Can't change shipping preferences.

I do digital commissions as a hobby so the income from it is very minimal, less than $50-$80 a month. I've seen some posts regarding the "shipping" of digital goods and how it can cause issues down the line. I've been led to believe that invoicing is a way to avoid these problems but I saw another post referencing shipping preferences and how I can turn them off (since I don't ship anything).

The options the post had captions of were
-"I ship from..."

-"Display Ship Button"

I do not have any of these options available to me. Currently this is the only thing I can see.



So my question is, am I safe to continue doing digital commissions despite not being able to change any shipping preferences? Am I even eligible to ship, even though I don't need to? If a problem does come up in the future, can I dispute it by displaying appropriate evidence that all my commissions are digital and don't need to be shipped? 

Thanks in advance.