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CVS QR Code $10.00 Reward

New Community Member

CVS QR Code $10.00 Reward

Has anybody tried this and been successful at check out? My local CVS did not know how to scan the QR code


Re: CVS QR Code $10.00 Reward

They don't understand what you are scanning. Tell them NOT to scan as a coupon or giftcard, but to go to the payment screen and scan. If you look at their payment credit card machine it says PAYPAL on it. It is simply that but without touching the button. They need to get the HANDHELD scanner and scan your QR code. You have to open your paypal app and push pay with QR code. The issue with this promo is the reward voucher. I cannot find mine anywhere. The fine print does not tell you it will be delayed. They say it will show in your offer section of your account. There is none. There is only OFFERS and DEALS. It is also supposed to be a $10 reward applied to any paypal checkout purchase, but I have seen people say that it is a coupon that most places will not accept. This offer is the worst. I am messaging them tomorrow about it.