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Buyer account, how to validate it?


Buyer account, how to validate it?



I have a buyer that use an email in my shop but a different email for the PayPal payments.


I use the Checkout service/api.

The paypal payment does not provide the information if the payment is done by paypal funds or card (credit or debit ?) and I don't know how to obtain this information (neither in the PayPal reports).

The paypal payment shows  that the account is verified (USA address).
The paypal account/payment is done with the <removed>.

The account in my system is registered with <removed> (Asian website).

The account communicate with me also with another email: <removed>.


Seems like this user is paying with a stolen paypal account (or card).

How can I accept the PayPal payment ONLY if done with the email registered in PayPal ?