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Buyer Protection via a direct PayPal transaction?

New Community Member

Buyer Protection via a direct PayPal transaction?

Hi all, I have a customer looking to avoid a sale via eBay due to the charge applied to them directly via a successful sale. He has offered to do a buyer protection transaction by conducting the sale directly via the request function on PayPal. Will I be covered under the buyer protection scheme here or does the sale have to be conducted through a site like eBay that offers PayPal buyer protection? Thanks

Re: Buyer Protection via a direct PayPal transaction?

Hello @Mickeymc934

Welcome to the PayPal Community!

Whether the transaction is processed on eBay or PayPal, the protections offered on a Goods and Services transaction will remain the same. You can learn more about Buyer and Seller Protection Policies on our Help Center. Before proceeding with any sale, I recommend referring to the Help Center or our User Agreement to ensure your item or service will be covered. 

I hope this helps! 

- Meghan

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