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Billing issue.


Billing issue.

I'm trying to make a purchase using my Paypal account and I'm getting a billing issue.

I've made purchases to the same company in the past using the same credentials as before, however when I try to make a purchase presently, I'm getting this error message:


(! You can't use the payment type you selected to make payments to the billing country.)

I contacted the company directly to see if they can resolve the issue, however, they were unsuccessful and told me to inquire to Paypal.


(Note: I am based in the Caribbean and use a courier service with a Miami address to have my packages delivered to in the US and then when it's delivered there it's shipped to me in my country.
I had my Paypal billing address set as my Caribbean address, however after several failed attempts to make the purchase I changed it to the Miami address and this still did not resolve my issue).