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Been charged extra?!?

New Community Member

Been charged extra?!?

okay i'm going to try and make this as simply as possible to understand.

my paypal balance is at £45 with an additional £45 pending (so i'm unable to use it)


i make a payment of £77.95 taking 45 out of my paypal balance and the rest (32.95) taken out of my card but it has not yet been authorised at this point

then i receive the pending balance of £45 

make another payment of 6.99

leaving me with £38.01


now this is where is all went wrong just now the £77.99 has been authorised and it's taken another £32.95 out of my balance even though i have payed that amount through my card and yet customer service did not understand so im hoping some people can understand how ive been charged extra  

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